About Us

How To Handstand is the brainchild of Gabrielle Parker and Reuben Hosler, professional Circus Artists turned specialized coaches on a mission to gather all of the balance tips, tricks and tools anyone would ever need to get better at handstands in one central hub...


National Circus School Montreal (ENC) graduate, Reuben did 10 years of pair acro training with partner Sam Charlton. Starting at the age of 15, Reuben did 5 years of artistic Gymnastics and then moved into the Circus scene, progressing to 3 years at Circomedia in Bristol where he discovered a talent for acro and trapeze. In 2007 Reuben joined the National Circus School in Paris (ENACR) and then spent 3 years doing superior training in Canada specialing in partner acrobatics. Afterwards touring for 3 years globally with Cirque Eloize’s show Cirkopolis. His professional highlights include Star Academy live on national French television (2008) Le Cabaret with Les 7 doigts de la main (2010) Montreal Completement Cirque, Les Minutes (2010,2013) and Cirque de Demain (2011) 

Circus celebrity turned saucepot internet marketer. Reuben’s many years of experience, extensive knowledge and understanding of technique gives him an astute coaching eye. His extreme focus and meticulous attention to detail helps achieve the closest result to perfection humanely possible. ?  

Favourite quotes include ‘Ok now pretend you’re better and do it again’.

‘This workshop is only for the best in the room, you know who you are’.

Lovingly direct, a chess player, a Rubik’s cube extraordinaire, Canada’s memory champion (who forgets their shoes on departure), owner of a ridiculously flexible neck, an unusual ability to save his own life like a cat and the most McDreamy black locks of hair you’ve ever seen.


Gabby did 1 year pre-professional and 2 years professional training in pair acro taught under Ryszard Zaplata at the National Circus School in Paris (ENACR). 

Creator of Bristol Handstands –  Gabby formulated a method to make handstands accessible for everyone to learn. Developed from hours of geeky finesse, snippets of anatomical knowledge from working as a sports therapist integrated with tried and tested techniques from the best teachers around the globe. She coaches privately taking people from zero to … handstand. Bristol Handstands ran workshops, retreats and classes around the UK and Europe and tripled its revenue within its second year of setting up shop.

2017 – Born was the book ‘The Handstanding Yogi’ co-written with Ash Bond aka Unicorn woman of yoga dreams. Together they devoured many digestive biscuits, drank much red wine and wrote, published, launched and sold over half the copies within 18 months, making the top 100 yoga books on Amazon. We’ve heard it’s better than the Da Vinci Code. ?  

Short, savvy, sarcastic, squishy on the inside, sweetcorn enthusiast.