Acro Yoga – The Union Between Acrobatics And Yoga

Acro Yoga combines acrobatics, yoga and therapeutics to form a physical practice that encourages play and connection. It often involves a partnership or group dynamic where someone is lifted into the air. Normally it will involve a flyer, a base and a spotter. The flyer is the person that is being lifted in the air, the base is the person doing the lifting or supporting with parts of their body (typically the feet and hands) and the spotter’s role is to ensure the safety of the flyer and base (normally focusing on the flyer). The spotter stays alert at all times, ready to intervene if the flow, trick or combination goes wrong, even catching the flyer themselves, if necessary. The spotter is also able to have an outside view of the movement so is able to offer feedback.

Acro Yoga is globally popular and you can find wonderful teachers, practitioners and communities of AcroYoga in many cities around the world.