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Handstand Workshops Manchester

Anatomy of Handstands, Introduction to One Arm

Event Details

Start date: 16/02/2020

End date: 16/02/2020

Start time: 14:30

End time: 19:00

Venue: Train Heald Green, Willstream House, Longstone Road, Heald Green, Manchester, M22 5LB

Phone: 07827669284




HANDSTAND Workshops with How To Handstand (Gabby & Reuben) (+Eilidh!) 

Hosted by Adrian Conway

Date:  Sunday 16th February 2020


Train Heald Green
Willstream House
Longstone Road
Heald Green
M22 5LB


Anatomy of Handstand – Workshop 1 – 2.30pm-4.30pm

Introduction to One Arm Handstand – Workshop 2 – 5pm-7pm


Workshop 1 – 

Early Bird –  £35 (until 2nd Feb)

Lazy Bird – £45 (after 2nd Feb)

Workshop 2 – 

Early Bird – £35 (until 2nd Feb

Lazy Bird – £45 (after 2nd Feb) 


PRE-REQS Workshop 1 – None (mixed level) beginner friendly

PRE-REQS Workshop 2 – 20 second handstand hold with ‘good’ alignment (straight not banana) 

If you’re unsure of the pre-reqs or have any questions, please get in touch with us at, comment in the event page or drop us a private message on facebook.


HANDSTAND WORKSHOP 1 – The Anatomy of Handstands (beginner friendly)  – 2.30pm – 4.30pm

Time to get your handstand-game-face ON. This is handstanding 101 from circus artist Gabby Parker and even though we are starting from the basics, even the basics will make you sweat! These classes will be focusing on deconstructing the acrobatic handstand into delicious bite size building blocks from which you can, with enough hard grind, construct your perfect handstand practice.

These bitesize building blocks are broken down into an introduction of the ‘7 pillars’ 

– Specific Strength 

– Flexibility 

– Alignment

– Balance 

– Consistency 

– Endurance 

– Shape 

This workshop covers all the sh*t that will save you years of kicking up and hoping for the best.


  • Hand placement, a basic understanding of external rotation of the shoulders and body checklists 
  • Specific strength drills for building a solid, safe handstand practice
  • Understanding correct alignment – why it makes a difference and how you can work on it (properly)
  • How to isolate and train correct balance technique so you can learn to realistically hold your handstand in the future rather than sometimes ‘hit it’ (for those that are ready) 
  • Exercises that target relevant flexibility you’ll need to be able to do a consistent, straight, handstand

All levels welcome. Suitable for beginners.


HANDSTAND WORKSHOP 2 – Introduction to One Arm Handstand (not beginner friendly, ABOVE PRE REQS APPLY)  – 5pm – 7pm

This workshop will focus on the pathway and process of learning to one arm in a logical and progressive order. Starting from a good two-handed handstand, covering perfect alignment, a good straddle position and how to get into it, how to tip over to one side, why pushing in your shoulder is so important, how to take off the free arm and how to stop the twist. 

Every step we will explain the theory and then take you through the exact drills that you need to be doing, to achieve your one arm. 

Reuben will walk you through step by step the points below:

  • How to balance a handstand 
  • Perfect alignment
  • How to open and close in handstand
  • The straddle
  • Tipping
  • Pushing
  • The biggest mistake that everyone makes
  • How to stop the twist
  • One arm placement

Together we will guide you to build a safe, efficient and effective handstand practice to realistically achieve your handstand goals. 


Optional Social:

We’re going to grab some food before heading back home. If you want to come and join us / rinse us for all we’re worth ;) please come along. 

Address: The Metropolitan in Didsbury 

2 Lapwing Ln, Manchester M20 2WS


NOTE: We’re currently training up the wonderful Eilidh Sela so she will be co-teaching both workshops alongside us. That’s 3 coaches for the price of 2 you lucky lucky people you ;) 

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Gabby, Reuben, Eilidh, Adrian

[Please note: these workshops are for personal progression and development only. Methodology given in these workshops cannot be taught by attendees.]